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Why does
matter anyway?

We know what you’re thinking. Why exercise your glutes/butt? Well, not only is a firm, round butt
afantastic way to boost confidence and stay bikini-ready all year around, but it will also:

  • Provide better posture

    If you sit all day, your glutes “forget” how to work. Tight/weakmuscles can destroy your posture.
    You need to train them and “wake them up”!

  • Burn more fat

    Having stronger glutes means you’ll burn more calories even when you’renot moving! Stronger
    glutes burn more calories. The more muscles
    you have, the morecalories you kill. It’s science!

  • Strengthen your back and knees

    Way too many people have weak glutes. Unfortunately,
    when they’re not active, your body compensates by placing extra pressure on your kneesand ankles. This can lead
    to serious injuries – which can all be prevented through
    the rightglute workouts!

There are tons of butt exercises out there. BUT…not all are created equal.



5 reasons your
butt workout isn’t
working out!

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You know; when you work out at the gym every week, yet, your booty is still far from juicy. If you’re not seeing the results you want, don’t surrender your white flag just yet.

There are plenty of potential reasons behind your failure, and the problem you’re experiencing is common. Sure, genetics play a role in the size of your glutes. BUT…even people with weak, flabby glutes CAN TRANSFORM THEM!

If you’re not seeing booty results, here are 5 possible reasons why:

  • Too much rest

    Are you resting too much in-between workouts? Sure; you need to giveyour body a chance to rest and recuperate. However; if you rest for too long (days on end)you won’t be fatiguing the glute muscle enough to “remember” the hard work you’ve done!One day of rest is enough.

  • Too much sitting

    This is one of the BIGGEST booty killers. It can also lead to chronicback pain, tight hip flexors and hamstrings, and more. You need to GET MOVING as muchas possible! Flat butts love sittinROUNDg. buMOVINGtts love !

  • Not mixing things up enough

    You’ve GOT to mix up your routine if you want to build ato-die-for butt. Doing the same workouts all day every day will only hinder your progress.You need to work your butt from EVERY ANGLE to develop lean muscle mass. You must combine compound weight-lifting exercises.

  • The “Mind Body Connection.”

    It’s important to think about the actual muscle you’re attempting to target and engage. You must establish the “Mind Body Connection” topositively influence your body’s physical responses.

  • Too much cardio

    STOP living on the treadmill! It’s NOT going to make your booty juicy! In fact, you’ll probably end up creating a high level of muscle wastage; especially if you’re ona diet with a low protein intake.

Reveal your best booty ever
with the right workouts!

Contrary to popular belief, truly working out your butt goes
far beyond squatting. You need to work the ENTIRE gluteus region if you want to see RESULTS! You MUST mix weights
with bodyweight. Vary the number of reps and sets you do;
and be sure to choose exercises that focuson the glutes and
the glutes only.

No clue what I’m talking about? Relax.

I’m Nastya Nass, fitness trainer and creator of this butt-busting program. I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. I’ve formulated a MERCILESS GLUTE WORKOUT REGIMEN that will train your glutes to perfection. You don’t need to worry about anything but, well, doing the workouts!

This super butt workout has been designed to train, strengthen, and fatigue the gluteus maximus; while boosting your metabolism…and confidence! Ready to get lean and toned? While this workout focuses primarily on the glutes and thighs, it’s also an incredible full-body workout. Thisis your chance to get stronger from head to toe…and everywhere in-between!

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If you’re ready to FINALLY see the results you crave, this program is for you. I can’t WAIT to workwith you! Let’s create the booty that dreams are made of – working your gorgeous glutes fromevery imaginable angle


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